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Young Lions Competition Winner

We Presented 3 video ideas for RAZE TV and won the 2nd place. Sustainable Stays, Unbounded and #TellSomeone allowed us to travel to El Sol Festival in Bilbao-Spain, had the experience of been a Silla Silenciosa into the jury and learn from some of the best advertising stars.

Client: RAZE TV
Art Director: Ramiro Carranza
Copywriter: Bárbara Bandres

Agency: the community

Sustainable Stays


Bully is about to embark on a journey that’s a bit different than his previous ones. His upcoming trip will consist of discovering environmentally hotels and homes, all viewed from his POV. Influencer: @BullySteria


We will immerse the viewers in raw, unscripted journeys of some of the world’s harsh realities. Each segment will be filmed with a 360° camera and our audience will be taken through spine-chilling thrills through the eyes of Lilia Luciano.

Influencer: Lilia Luciano


In an ongoing effort to help boost confidence in young teens and spread awareness, a group of influencers will share their stories through a series of mini documentaries.

Influencers: @PauTips, @Caelike, @LuisaFernanda, @Juna144.

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